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Be the face of your college and represent eastern India’s most massive techno-management fest: Innovision. The wait for such an opportunity is over, here's your ticket of a lifetime to develop professional impersonality skills. Innovision, NIT Rourkela launches Campus Ambassador programme to enrich the culture of technology and management in your college. Campus Ambassador (CA) will represent Innovision, NIT Rourkela by publicising the events conducted in eastern region’s most significant techno-management fest in their colleges by sharing posts online, putting up posters, word of mouth publicity and any other innovative idea they can think of.


  • Registration fee waiver: All selected CAs will get a registration fee waiver based on their performance. (Refer to the table below for more details)
  • CA Exclusive Merchandise: All selected CAs will be given exclusive merchandise to flaunt the spirit of Innovision.
  • Certificate: Top performing CAs will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Innovision, NIT Rourkela recognizing their diligent efforts.


  • Publicity: Displaying the posters of Innovision 2018 within 2-3 days of receiving them on college bulletins and notice boards.
  • Social Media: Publicizing the events of Innovision on various Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by sharing the posts of Innovision and spreading the reach.
  • In-campus management: Managing the entire contingent of students from your college during the fest.


  • Who is a CA?
    Ans. CA stands for Campus Ambassador. He/she will essentially be the point of contact between Team Innovision and the college junta.
  • Is there any eligibility criteria to become a CA?
    Ans. Any student from any certified college irrespective of the year of study can apply for the CA programme of Innovision 2018.
  • Can there be more than one CA from a college?
    Ans. Depending on the requirement, Team Innovision may appoint multiple CAs upto a maximum of two from a college.
  • Is there any minimum limit on the number of participants from a college?
    Ans. A minimum number of 15 participants need to be registered from a particular college, else the CA selection from that college will be revoked.
  • How do I apply?
    Step 1: Fill out the form below.Step 2: Upload your CV and any relevant certificates to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox and copy the link to the folder.Step 3: Paste the link to the folder at the end of the form and click on submit.
No. of Participants Perks
15-25 Certificate
26-50 Certificate + Fee waiver of (₹10 per registration)
50+ Certificate + Full fee waiver + Prime CA Merchandise

Have you ever held or are currently holding a position of responsibility in your college?

Have you ever been to Innovision earlier? If yes, when?

What do you know about Innovision? Write in brief.

How many students from your college do you think you can convince to participate in Innovision ‘18? What will be your strategy to promote Innovision ’18 in your college?

Which social media platforms are you active on?

Which languages are you fluent in?

What makes you unique?

Paste the link to your CV folder below.

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