Kerela Flood

Time flows by, oscillating between the good and the bad. As we live, God's own country is suffering God's wrath. The beautiful palm-lined beaches, the soul stirring network of canals and the eye-catching mountain slopes lie crying, as Kerala is hit with one of the most destructive.....................

Aasra Diya Project

Decorated with colors and love by the underprivileged children from AASRA workplaces, AASRA diyas shine like true gems in the night. AASRA provides the diyas and raw material, and the delicate hands of the children make their fire...........

As the Earth needs organs more than heaven.

The world's riches and beauty can be witnessed or savored to the fullest only with the help of our vital organs. Unfortunately, not each and every mortal being on the face of this globe is blessed..............

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